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In 2012, the Department was awarded membership to the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatric’s Global Ageing Research Network and is currently involved in 2 large research projects:

  1. The influence of socio-economic and environmental factors on the health status and quality of life in older persons in the Inanda, KwaMashu and Ntuzuma areas.

This community based project with an international, multidisciplinary research team is funded by SANPAD (The South Africa Netherlands research Programme on Alternatives in Development).

  1. A comparison of the demographic profile, risk factors, outcomes and health care costs in geriatric patients with and without osteoporotic hip fractures in the public health sector in the eThekwini Municipality

The Department is currently involved in a large multicentre centre (in 87 hospitals in three provinces in South Africa) to determine the incidence of osteoporotic fractures and develop a FRAX® model for South Africa.



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